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My philosophy here at Jared's Probiotics is that your health starts and ends with your gut. If you don't have a healthy and well-functioning digestive tract, then you won't be healthy emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. So, if you are on your way to improving your gut health, then you've come to the right place.


For many years, I had digestion-related issues, but I found a way to eliminate them through probiotic foods and drinks. I've always been fascinated and interested in the technique of fermentation and have spent several years making many types of naturally probiotic foods in my own kitchen and inevitably at our brew-space in Oklahoma City.


I've then used that ancient way of preserving foods and have applied it to those modern foods that most think are completely unhealthy: popsicles, sodas, granola, candy bars, and on-the-go snacks. The goal is to always create products that taste amazing, one that people will gladly rave about to friends and family


I believe you will enjoy all of my products (everyone else has :-)), and that's why I've made this a fairly easy process on getting delicious probiotic foods to your door. What's your next step?
OPTION 1:  If you live in Oklahoma City or Tulsa and want to know if we deliver to your area, check out this list of zip codes we service. If we do, order your products here for special pricing or click the “Oklahoma City & Tulsa Delivery” button below.

OPTION 2:  If you don't like in OKC or Tulsa, but want to try my one-of-a-kind and absolute "this-can't-be-healthy" organic sodas or a premium cultured honey nectar drinks, order your products here or click the “Nationwide Delivery” button below.


Want to know why the products we use will strengthen your immune system, as well as the other other benefits? Read about them here


Want to read all of the frequently asked questions I've received over the years, some of them you might even be thinking yourself? Check out my FAQ here.


I'm happy you have found my sight and have an interest in better gut health. I am passionate about digestion, probiotics, and I love making all my products and hope you will enjoy them as well.  Jared


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