About Jared


My name is Jared Toay.  My friends call me the "Mad Scientist" and acquaintances call me that "Popsicle Dude".  I'm in my 40's and proud to be a dad.  I am addicted to creating probiotic foods and am quite proud of the fact that my kitchen looks more like a science experiment than a conventional one.  It's amazing to me what foods can do when they are allowed to be "alive".  I find no greater satisfaction than seeing someone's face when they try one of my fermented products or foods and say, "OMG. This is amazing."  I am obsessed with making sure people are happy with my stuff.
Through personal experience, persistent digestive issues, and weight fluctuations of over 60 pounds, I began experimenting with creating probiotic popsicles. Based on the immediate and positive responses and the urging of my clients, I started to create dozens of flavors and sell my (what I found out are) one-of-a-kind raw, vegan, gluten free, and junk free popsicles at markets around town. The reception I received was overwhelming and the impetus of why I started making sodas.... then granola.... then other health & beauty products.... the list goes on and on.  And the unique thing was that all of them were probiotic or fermented in nature.  And as a fan of the Zombie movies, I started to call probiotics and enzymes the "Zombies of the Food World"... they bring dead foods to life.

I'd love for you to experience how a frozen treat, soda, or snack can help you as well as be a tasty alternative to modern day versions in the market place today.  And as I say, "If you take care of your digestive system, it will always take care of you" Thanks for checking out my site.