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My philosophy here at Jared's Probiotics is health doesn't have to come only from what most people think is "healthy".  (Be sure to scroll down to see all of our tasty treats).    I've always been fascinated and interested in the technique of fermentation and have spent several years making many types of naturally probiotic foods on my own. I've then used that ancient way of preserving foods and have applied it to modern foods and delicious treats like popsicles, sodas, granola, candy bars, and on-the-go snacks.  I've always believed my products should taste amazing, one that people will gladly rave about to friends and family.  Creating Jared's Probiotics is really a simple 2-step process:

Step 1:  Make something delicious and addicting first and foremost.

Step 2:  Figure out how to ferment it, make it healthy and alive, and still taste amazing.  

I am committed to creating a quality product and providing the absolute best customer service and  believe in creating a quality product.  My sodas are made with organic ingredients with no additives, fillers, junk, are non-gmo, crisp, clean and lightly carbonated. My granola (or "Cramola") is not really granola at all.  It's full only of nuts, coconuts, berries, spices, fruit puree, and is grain free, paleo, gluten-free, and fermented.  Who does this?  

I'm happy you have found my sight and have an interest in becoming healthy.  I am passionate about digestion, probiotics, and my products and am looking forward to having you taste these wonderful creations.