Organic Ginger Ale Probiotic Soda (OKC/Tulsa Delivery Only)-ProPop Sodas-Jared's Probiotics

Organic Ginger Ale Probiotic Soda (OKC/Tulsa Delivery Only)

$ 5.50

If I can say one thing, it would be that this is the ginger ale you've dreamed about.  Most store bought ginger ales are either too sweet with nary a hint of ginger or a spicy tonic aimed at only the hard core ginger-fans.  My version has a full spectrum extract of ginger with a hint of some lime and spices, which might bring your thoughts to sitting on a beach while feeling an island breeze. When you add just a hint of heat, it becomes a full and beautifully balanced flavor. Fabulous in cocktails or the morning after a wild night. If you are a fan of true ginger ale, this will become your new best friend.

Ingredients:  Spring Water, Kefir Water Culture,  Raw Cane Sugar*, Ginger*, Lime Juice*, Spices*, Ginger Extract*, Citric Acid. 

* Organic Ingredients. Certified Organic by: Pro-Cert.